La Tinaja

Auto-reloading Fluid Instance for WakaTime

07 Apr 2015

I’ve been playing with running WakaTime in my text editors recently to get some data about how much time I spend working in my text editor. It’s been interesting to see the difference between time I mark on a time sheet and what WakaTime records—that difference representing time spent in documentation or notes or other reference materials rather than on coding or writing.

I don’t know that I’ll use WakaTime forever, but during this early experimental phase it’s been fun to have it open in the background while I work. Of course, the service is still new and the dashboard view does not live update. I’ve fixed that by giving WakaTime its own Fluid instance with a simple userscript.

WakaTime Userscript

In your Fluid instance, go to the Window menu and select the Userscripts item. You’ll be presented with the window pictured above. Create a new rule with the + button, name it what you’d like and enter this simple Javascript:

setTimeout(function() {
}, 300000);

I’m trying to be friendly to WakaTime, so that will only reload your dashboard every 5 minutes. Adjust accordingly if desired. That’s it.