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Fix Plex Stuttering on Amazon Fire TV Stick

22 Sep 2015

I grabbed one of the Amazon Fire TV Sticks when discounted them pre-order last year knowing that we’d be moving to Berlin and that it wouldn’t be a bad thing to have an easily portable way to watch some Netflix here.

For streaming services it has worked great, but I also wanted to try to get Plex running on it to watch some of my own video content.

A month ago I gave up after a few days of fiddling would not solve a persistent stuttering issue.

Yesterday I tried again and eventually distilled a fix to two steps:

I can live with the compromises I’ve made here because I certainly didn’t buy a $20 HDMI dongle expecting videophile quality. I can actually watch a movie without the video hiccuping every few seconds.

To change the device profile, go to SettingsDevice media profileMedia profileForce Direct Play.

To change the video quality, go to SettingsVideoQuality over local network2.0 Mbps 720p.